The Ducky News 

Begin your Western PA Camping Adventure with The Ducky News! Our Weekend Agenda for Planned Activities at Meadville KOA Campground – Northwestern Pennsylvania Fun Family Camping Zone!

The Ducky News provides you our weekend activities schedule online! The Ducky News (which, by the way, “ducky” means excellent) provides the time and place of each scheduled activity, and cost (if any) associated with the activity.  It is published each Tuesday for the following weekend. 

Upon Arrival, you’ll receive a printed copy of The Ducky News Weekend Agenda, along with your BINGO sheet for your chance to win free ice cream!  You just hunt for the BINGO numbers hidden throughout The Ducky News Weekend Agenda.  If you get a good BINGO as described in The Ducky News, you win 2, free Hershey novelty ice cream products!

Come see why Meadville KOA is Western Pennsylvania’s Fun Family Camping Zone!

We hope you’ll begin your camping adventures here, and go home with memories that will last a lifetime!

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Memorial Day 2017 at Meadville KOA - NWPA's Fun Family Camping & Cabins Zone!

Memorial Day -2 At Meadville KOA Campground, NW PA's Fun Family Camping and Cabins Zone!