Frequently Asked Questions

Get your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answered for Meadville KOA Campground – Northwestern PA’s Fun Family Camping and Cabins Zone!

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Q. Is there a charge for visitors?

A.  Our Rates Pages shows extra charges for extra campers and daytime visitors.  Once people register and pay our visitor’s fee, they are allowed to participate in our activities and events and utilize our facilities.  If you do not want your visitors to pay the fee to visit you, you may pay it for them in advance of their arrival.  We have hundreds of visitors come to Meadville KOA Campground each season.  The visitor fee is necessary to help cover the cost of the operation of our facilities.

Q. What payment types do you accept?  

A.  We accept Cash, in-State Checks ONLY, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card!  We also sell gift cards if you’re interested in buying a gift card for camping, or to place money on it for the kid’s use.  All gift cards must be purchased with a credit card, however.

Q. If there is a gate on the park how do I get in after store/office hours?

A. If you arriving after store/office hours, you need to make arrangements with the staff in advance of the store/office closing for your or your guest’s arrival.  The staff will either leave you an after hours check-in package with a map and access key, or they will meet you and escort you to your site.  Once at the park, you can get a key card that allows after hours entry with a a $10.00 refundable deposit.  When you return the card at the end of your stay, your $10.00 deposit is refunded to you.

Q.  How many people are included with our campsite fees?

A. 2 adults and 2 children (under age 18) are included with the site fees listed.  Children 4 and under are free.  Additional people (adults or children) are at the additional rates listed on our Campsite Rates page or Cabins Rate pages. 

Q. Can we put a tent up on our campsite or at our cabin?

A. You are allowed a small “pup” tent for the two children included with your campsite fee, at no additional charge.  However, we only allow one camping unit per campsite.  So a huge tent for another whole family is not allowed.  Another family requires the purchase of their own tenting site.

Q. Is there a maximum number of people allowed on a campsite or in a cabin?  

A. We have an 8 person family campsite maximum.  Our extra person fees apply to all people over the 2 adults and 2 children included in the campsites or cabin rental fees.  Cabins are limited to the number of people each cabin will sleep.  And there is a 8 people per campsite maximum per cabin site, including visitors.

Q. What if I want to have a party with more people than the 8?  can I?

A. We do permit use of the pavilion with advance scheduling for large groups.  However, each visiting guest must register at the store/office, pay the prevailing visitor’s rate, and then park North of the pavilion in the Guest Parking Area.  Reservations must be made in advance as the activities schedule permits.  (i.e. the pavilion can not be utilized for parties or groups when activities or events are scheduled to be held there.)

Q. Do you provide linens, bedding, & dishes in the cabins?

A. We do not provide linens, bedding, coffee makers, pots, pans, nor dishes at this time.  The complete list of what is in the cabins and what you need to bring is listed in both the cabins section of our brochure, and on each cabins page.  To get there, go to heading “Cabins and Cottages,” find your cabin and click on that individual page for that info at the bottom of each cabin’s page.  Please refer to it, and bring whatever items listed there that you’ll require for your camping trip.     

Q. Do you allow pets? 

A. Yes, Meadville KOA Campground is a pet-friendly campground, as long as you abide by our pet policies in our Campground Policies and you are camping in your own RV or tent.  At this time, pets are not permitted at nor in the rental cabins. 

Q. Are your tenting sites open or wooded?

A. We have both open and more wooded primitive tenting sites.  T1 & T2 are near a Kimee Creek, T8, T9, & T10 are all near a wood line and are in relatively close proximity to each other, which makes them perfect for multiple families camping together.  T15 is on a secluded island.  T3 – T6 are near RV campsites.  

Q. Do you have specific sites for tents with utilities or can I place a tent on any RV campsite?

A. We have electric and water campsites in a wooded, pine area near our bath house where you care allowed to tent camp, if you desire water and/or electric hookups.  You may tent camp on any type of campsites but you are charged by the number of campsite utilities and not by the type of camping unit.  Therefore, if you occupy a full hook-up site, for instance, you pay the rate for a full hookup campsite, even if you do not use all of those utilities.  (See our Campsite Rates Page).    

Q. Do you have shaded campsites for pop-ups?  

A. We have a variety campsites that provide no shade, provide shade at different times of the day, or are shady all day long!  Campsites 101 – 113 are grassy sites that get morning shade and after noon sun, Campsites 102-112 are shaded and grassy, campsites 121 – 129 are shaded and have pine needles, and campsites 120 – 128 are grassy large sites that get morning sun and afternoon shade.  All of these sites are designated for tents or pop-ups and small travel trailers (under 27′).  

Q. Can I put my tent or pop-up on a full hook-up campsite near my friends with a motorhome, travel trailer, or fifth wheel RV?

A. We do have both primitive tenting sites (no hookups) and electric and water sites that are located near full hook-up campsites (depending upon their campsite location, of course).  However, you may request to be placed on a full hook-up campsite, but you will be charged by that campsite’s rate and not by the type of camping unit you’re camping in or which utilities you are actually utilizing.

Q. We have a pop-up with a sink, are we required to be on a full hook-up campsite to use our sink?

A. We do not require that you use a full hook-up campsite.  However, the discharging of gray (sink or tub waste water) is illegal in Pennsylvania.  If you are not on a full hook-up campsite, you are by PA law, required to collect and properly dispose of the waste water from your sink.  Please use the dump station located down near the main building, at no additional charge to dispose of that waste water.  Gray water collection tanks are available for purchase at our camp store if you desire to purchase one.   

Q. Do you have campsites long enough that I don’t have to unhook my tow car or 5th wheel if I’m just staying overnight?

A. Yes we do.  Request campsites 40-48 if you want to park a huge motorhome and tow trailer, 5th wheel, or large travel trailer without having to unhook!

Q. Do cell phones work there?
A. Yes, some brands do. AT&T works well. Unfortunately, our Verizon cell service here is marginal. You can get and send texts in most places, but phone service is marginal. There is a bench out between the playground and Wagon Lake where there is some service. Please feel free to file complaints about your lack of cellular service with your cellular provider. The more complaints they receive, the more likely they are to address the service issues here. We’ve already filed multiple complaints yearly. Thank you! We’re sorry but other brands of cellular service are unknown.

Q. Do you have Wi-Fi?  If so, what’s the charge?

A. Yes, we have a Wi-Fi (wireless internet) hotspot at the main building and Wi-Fi throughout our campsites at no additional charge.  You may access the internet from your campsite or on our porch, parking lot, the pool area, game room, Rec. Hall, & laundry room.  Our Wi-Fi is a wireless internet access point which is available even if our store/office is closed.  Our Wi-Fi is intended for use for email, social media, and light surfing.  It is not compatible with Netflix, HBO on the go, or similar programs that stream or use a lot of band width.  If you use too much bandwidth, the system will shut down your streaming.

Q. Do you have cable TV?

A. Yes.  We offer a complimentary 48 channel line-up of cable TV.  Run a coaxial cable from the cable box on our utilities post to your RV, ensure your antenna booster is off, and do a cable channel search.  The bottom 5 channels are local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and PBS out of Erie, PA.  All remaining channels are provided in the TV channel guide on our campsite map we provide at check in.

Q. Do you have pull-through campsites with 50 amp service for big rigs?

A. Yes we have 30/50 amp service pull through campsites.  However, sites with 50 amp service is an additional fee.  Please see our Campsite Rates Page for details.

Q. Can groups or clubs get a discount, and what is the charge for using your pavilion?

A. Our Clubs & Groups Page provides information on discounts for clubs and groups.  There is no charge for use of our pavilion.  However, the groups or clubs must schedule their use times around our activities and events use of the pavilion.

Q. I left a phone message and no one called me back!

A. Unfortunately, people leave us messages that we can’t understand due to a bad connection, the kids are crying in the background or the dogs are barking, or the connection is bad and there’s line noise.  Sometimes people forget to leave a call back number, or something else happened!  If you haven’t received a call back, we’re sorry, but something went wrong.  During the camping season, it is our policy to return your call the same day, if possible.  If you call outside the store/office hours, we will call you back before noon the following day.  Please call us again.  Our number is 814-789-3251.  Thank You!  Please note that in the off season (November – May) we may be working RV Shows, at buyer’s shows, or conferences, and aren’t available to answer your call immediately!  Please be patient.  We will return your call in the order in which it was received, as soon as we return and get back into the office.  Thank you for your patience.  If you want, you can make a reservation online, to ensure you have your reservation for the weekend you desire.  If you want a specific site, please leave a comment with that site number request, and unless not possible, we’ll honor your request.  If that site is not available, we’ll contact you to get your next choice.

Q. Can I park my boat on my campsite?

A.  Sorry, but we do not allow boats on your campsite.  We do have a boat parking area, that you may use at no additional charge!

Q. Can I canoe or kayak in your lakes?

A.  Sorry, but we do not allow canoes and kayaks on our lakes, unless it is a sanctioned campground event (like the July 4th canoe races) due to liability and space issues.  We can provide you area maps to nearby lakes and streams where you can use your canoe or kayak.  And we do have a local canoe/kayak livery service that rents canoes and kayaks at French Creek Canoes.  Please contact them directly for prices and to reserve equipment for an outing.

Q. Do we need a license to fish?

A. No license is required to fish at Meadville KOA!  However, all fishing is catch and release!  We pay a sport fishing fee to the state of PA, and stock the ponds, so you can enjoy catch and release fishing at our park without the expense of buying a PA fishing license.

Q. Can we fish from paddle boats?

A. You are allowed to fish from paddle boats!  Life jackets (are provided with the boat rental) and are required to be worn while paddle boating.  Paddle boats may rented for one, 1/2 hour (that is, one half hour on, one half hour off).

Q. Can we play in the creek?

A. Yes you can.  We suggest parental supervision for children, and suggest that you be aware of rain and other potential dangers, but yes, children and pets are often seen wading, catching minnows, crayfish, or playing in Kimee Creek that babbles through the park.  

Q. Can we swim in the ponds & lakes?

A. We’re sorry, but we only allow swimming in our pool.  Because of the number of campers fishing, the bottom of the ponds are unfortunately littered with fishing hooks, tangled line, etc. and it would present a safety hazard to swimmers. In addition, lakes require testing and approval for public swimming areas.

Q. Can we gather firewood to use?

A. We’re sorry, but no you may not.  Please do not drag wood into campsites from wood lots.  You can bring pre-cut, split firewood from within Pennsylvania (preferably Crawford County), OR you may purchase firewood from us at the store.  It is against the law to transport firewood from other states.  Transporting firewood even between counties within Pennsylvania is discouraged because it spreads pests, which damage woodlots.

Q. Can the kids ride bikes in the park?

A. Yes, we allow bicycling on our roadways, but we require all children under 12 to wear a helmet (PA Law), that they follow all street signs (including stop signs and speed limit). We strongly recommend that all bicyclists wear helmets, but they are not required for anyone 12 and over (as per PA state law).

Q. Do you get bears or other dangerous wildlife in your park?

A. We have had, from time to time, bears visit our park.  Using good hiking, tenting, and camping practices is generally all that is required to protect yourself from unwanted furry friends looking to score an easy meal.  By taking your garbage to the dumpster (located near the propane station) at the end of each day, never keeping or storing food in the open, nor in or near your tent, you help to discourage our furry friends from looking for easy meals.

Q. What should we do in the event of a weather emergency?

A. Follow our emergency plan listed on the back of our campground map.  You may seek shelter at our main building, or at the East Mead Volunteer Fire Station located one mile West (towards Meadville) of the campground on Route 27 if the campground store is closed at the time of the storm.

Q. What should we do if our camping neighbors are being noisy, disruptive, or inappropriate?

A. Call or come to the office and report them if it is during store/operating operating hours.  If it is after hours, call our the campground number listed on the campsite map.  We will respond to your need regardless of the hour.  If we don’t answer, we may be in the park.  Try again.

Didn’t find answers to your questions?  Please call us at 814-789-3251 and we’ll be happy to answer them for you