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Camping & RVing Apps

More and more people are using smart phones while camping and rving.  So, we thought it’d be fun to share some of our favorite Camping & RVing Apps. Try these suggestions, and use only the ones that you think make your travels easier or more fun!  And, if you know some great camping and rving apps that we didn’t mention here, email us and share them with us!

All Point ATM Finder – No need to pay high fees to get access to your cash.  You can find ATMs here.

Coverage – This is a great camping and rving app to have if you have to work from your phone and require service!  Coverage will keep you informed as to having cellular service where you’re going.  You’ll know in advance of your arrival. It’s easy to use and will save you time of research your carrier’s not always correct coverage website.

First Aid – American Red Cross App – It provides you first aid tips!  A must have app for the outdoorsman, camper, or RVer!

Good Sam Camping – Find Good Sam parks in places that don’t have KOA’s or are located closer to your destination!  After you’ve tried a few non-KOA campgrounds, you’ll figure out what your personal standards are, and you’ll choose the campgrounds that best meet your families needs!  And this is an essential camping and rving app to have if there isn’t a KOA nearby!

Gasbuddy ( is one of our favorites for comparing diesel prices while we’re on the road.  Of course you can find regular, premium, and diesel fuel prices on the app.  And remember, this camping and rving app is only as good as the users, so if the prices aren’t posted, and you have the app, post the price while you’re filling up!  (And there’s rewards for doing that!)

Geocaching Intro – Join modern day treasure hunters and take your family geocaching!  Find nearby traditional geocaches and get tips and tricks along the way. You will be able to access geocache types, trackables, and offline lists.  Near our campground, there was recently a geocach at the grave of George Washinton’s Drummerboy, who is buried in an old cemetery just a few miles up the road.

History Here – (From the History Channel) will provide you historical information and tourism points of interest!

IExit – It’ll tell you what eateries are coming up at the next exit.  This is especially important if you’re looking for your favorite chain coffee stop like Dunkin Donuts, DQ, or Sonney’s Barb-B-Q!

InRoute – Has many more features than regular Google maps, and selects routes based on other factors like weather, elevation, etc.  A must have for the traveler.

Kindle – Places books at your fingertips, if you like to read, and you don’t need a Kindle to use it!  It works on android and Apple products too!

KOA App ( – One of our favorite camping and rving app is the KOA App!  You can find and book any KOA Kampground in the USA and Canada right from your phone.  And, you can even input your value kard number, so you get your points and your discount with each stay!  So, if you haven’t tried that, you’ll want that too.  Don’t forget to bookmark that site on your phone!!

KOA Trip Planner (  Plan your trip across America right from your computer, phone, or tablet.

National Parks – This award-winning app features a personalized space to track your favorite parks and activities. It also has the top must see’s and dos for each park!

The Weather Channel, Dark Sky, and Weather Radio App!  – Make sure you have storm warning push notifications.  We can’t stress how very important this is to your safety!  High winds cause fatal accidents every year.  And tornadoes are no joke either, so be sure you are tuned into and checking the weather daily, and more often if storms are predicted.

So, we hope you’ll find these tools useful, and we wish you Happy Kamping wherever your travels take you this summer!

By Robyn Chilson

Tim & Robyn Chilson own and operate Meadville KOA Campground in Meadville, PA.  Robyn can be reached at 814-789-3251.

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This article was written by Robyn Chilson

Tim and Robyn Chilson are both Certified Park Operators (CPO) and have owned and operated Meadville KOA Campground since October of 1999. Robyn can be reached at 814-789-3251.