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Seasonal Camping And Autumn Camping

Seasonal Camping & Autumn Camping at Meadville KOA Campground

Why Seasonal Camping And Autumn Camping? As summer gives way to autumn, most campers’ thoughts turn to thoughts of school starting, autumn campfires, and Halloween Weekends.  While you’re enjoying those camping weekends, maybe it’s time to think about next summer, and begin planning your family’s camping vacation time! Here are some reasons why we think…

Halloween In September & Autumn Camping in October!

Halloween In September at Meadville KOA Campground - Western PA's Fun, Family Camping and Cabins Zone!

Come Enjoy Halloween In September! At Meadville KOA, we do Halloween in September.  Generally, the weather is little better than in October, and we’re not competing with other campgrounds who do their Halloween Events on or near Halloween. Halloween is a big deal.  Kids love trick or treating, parents love the creativity, and it’s just…